China Northern (Yantai) International Fruit Industry Expo



   Yantai Bay International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Development Zone)

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Since its establishment in 2004, China Northern (Yantai) International Fruit Industry Expo has expanded in scale after 20 years of development with the richer content and increased popularity and influence year by year. It has developed into a relatively large fruit trading conference in the northern region and even the country. Every year, it attracts professional visitors from Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Xinjiang and other provinces to Yantai for purchasing and exchange. The trade fair has become the first choice and link for seedling enterprises, agricultural companies, orchard machinery manufacturing enterprises to connect with the government, large growers, agricultural suppliers and machinery dealers, cooperatives, seedling brokers, fruit dealers, etc.

With the theme of technological innovation for high-quality development, the expo is expected to cover more than 20,000 square meters with 600+ booths, and over 300 well-known domestic companies. Five special exhibition areas have been set up, that is the seed and seedling area, smart fruit industry area, pesticide and fertilizer area, orchard machinery area, and specialty fruit area. The display categories cover the entire fruit industry chain. It will become a national fruit industry event with updated format, wider coverage and more comprehensive content.

The expo will improve the industrial chain in terms of new varieties, facilities, technologies, and models in the fruit industry, and introduce advanced foreign management equipment and technology to assist the comprehensive transformation. In addition, it will invite large growers, farmers, and dealers across the country to attend the conference for purchasing and negotiation, hold a variety of activities, focus on hot spots and directly address the industry's pain points, aiming to become the first exhibition of China's fruit industry.

The expo will hold the Northern Smart Agriculture Expo and the Smart Fruit Industry Innovation and Development Conference at the same time, showing the role of modern science and technology in ensuring the development of agricultural modernization and providing a platform for the release, promotion and application of the latest scientific and technological achievements in the country's agricultural modernization. It also promotes independent innovation in the fields of smart agriculture, biological seed industry, agricultural machinery, green inputs and other fields and promotes the upgrading of agricultural mechanization and agricultural equipment industry, thereby accelerating the process of my country's agricultural modernization.