China Northern (Yantai) International Fruit Industry Expo



   Yantai Bay International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Development Zone)

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Seedlings and seeds:

new varieties of fruit tree seedlings and seeds; vegetable seeds, melon and fruit seeds, etc.

Means of production:

Biofertilizer, organic natural fertilizer, compound fertilizer, ecological fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, compound fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, flush fertilizer, special fertilizer, environmentally friendly fertilizer, soil conditioner, plant biological regulator, surfactant, pesticide Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, insect growth regulators, molluscicides, algaecides, repellents, fumigants, biopesticides, environmentally friendly pesticides, etc.

Modern orchard facilities:

Modern orchard working platform, automatic bagging machine, fruit picking machine, solar power generation, orchard insecticidal lamp, orchard anti-bird net, anti-hail net, orchard weeding cloth, etc. Fruit tree cultivation tools such as orchard micro tillers, deep tillers, trenchers, planters, soil cultivators, vine burying machines, pit digging machines, ground drilling machines, tree moving machines, and sowing machines and seedling equipment. Fruit tree sprayers, unmanned spraying drones, small multi-rotor unmanned spraying drones, etc.

Water Saving Irrigation:

1.Irrigation: Micro-irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, filters, fertilizer tanks, fertilizer applicators, water pumps, pipes and fittings, valve nozzles, etc.;

2. Irrigation system: Fruit tree and vegetable irrigation, greenhouse irrigation, garden irrigation, agricultural irrigation, automatic control system, integrated water and fertilizer facilities, water and fertilizer technology, monitoring instruments, etc.

Greenhouse equipment and materials:

 Complete sets of greenhouses, greenhouse covering materials, greenhouse frame structural parts, window curtain systems, automatic control systems, greenhouse supporting systems, rolling shutter machines, rolling film systems, fill-in lighting systems, pest and disease control equipment, external and internal shading systems , cooling/warming ventilation equipment, temperature control systems, constant temperature and humidity supporting equipment, leisure agriculture supporting equipment, etc.

Gardening machinery and tools:

1. Tools: High branch shears, thick branch shears, pruning shears, craft shears, hedge shears, hand saws, high branch saws, tool kits, etc.

2. Machinery: Lawn mowers, lawn mowers, trimmers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chain saws, power saws, high branch saws, fruit pickers, fruit pickers, engines, water pumps, fans, crushers, high-pressure pumps, various saw blades, equipment accessories, etc.

Fruit and agricultural products exhibition area: Fresh fruits, specialty agricultural products and packaging technology and equipment